Why is Upholstery Vacuuming a Crucial Part of your Home’s Cleanliness


What is the role of the vacuum cleaner in your home? You use it to remove the minutest particles of dust from every nook and corner. They help keep the home free from dust. This protects you and your family from various allergies and ailments. Therefore, one can say that the vacuum cleaner for home is an essential equipment and not a luxury.

How can embedded dust impact your health

If we say that you still stand a chance of contracting allergies and respiratory problems in spite of vacuuming your house thoroughly, you will dismiss our words with disdain. But, it is true. There are places in your house where dirt can still lurk in. We are referring to the upholstery.

Every house has sofa sets, beds, rugs, carpets, pillows, and bed sheets. All these items form part of your upholstery. Vacuuming these objects is also an important job. Dust can always lodge in between the crevices of your sofa sets or beds. Your sofa cushions have folds. Invariably, dust can settle down in between these folds making it difficult to remove dust in the normal course of cleaning. This is when vacuuming your upholstery plays a crucial role.

The need for vacuuming your upholstery

The principal objective of vacuuming your house clean is to eliminate dust from all parts of your house. This is necessary to nullify the chances of contracting respiratory problems. While vacuuming your house, it becomes more important to take care of the upholstery. This is because you will inhale these impurities while using them. There are chances of developing respiratory problems. Similarly, dust, hair, and pollen can cause skin allergies. You need to cater to these problems on an immediate basis. Your beds can be the breeding ground for small insects like mites and bedbugs. These mites and bedbugs have the capacity to cause a lot of problems. It is normal for you to spill biscuit or bread crumbs on your upholstery. Sweeping them off will not be always possible. This can attract ants. These ants can cause unnecessary inconvenience to you. Eliminating the dust completely will solve such problems.  You need special upholstery attachments in your vacuum cleaner for home cleaning purposes.

What are these special attachments?

The vacuum cleaner has special attachments with bristles and extensions. You use these bristles to remove stubborn dust, human and animal hair, pollen, animal dander, and a variety of minute impurities. It would be impossible to remove these impurities otherwise.

An upholstery brush is the best attachment used for cleaning sofa and bed covers. The bristle attachment could cause damage to cloth covers. A simple brush can dislodge the dust particles entangled inside the fibres of the cloth covers. Similarly, curtains have folds in them. Dust can accumulate inside the folds. This necessitates the use of the special brush that form attachments to your vacuum cleaner.


The vacuum cleaner for home should have attachments to clean upholstery items. In addition to enhancing the lifespan of your upholstery, you eliminate your chances of contracting unnecessary ailments.  Upholstery vacuuming should be ingrained as an important part of your life for maintaining good health.


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