What Are The Specifications To Apply For Australian Visa Subclass 190?


If one wants to live in Australia, then for that you need to have a valid visa approval which certifies you and permits you as well to live abroad and work. These visas are valid upto a certain time limit they can renewed or have to be applied for again after expiration.

Out of the entire available stream there is one named as skilled nominated visa which is widely being used these days as it meets the eligibility criterion of number of people.

What is skilled nomination visa for?

Australian visa subclass 190 is a visa application program which lies under subclass 190.

This is a visa program using which one can work and live in Australia as a permanent resident. For this visa only the ones who have been nominated by Australian government or state government can apply.

One who wants to apply for this visa is firstly checked over certain things including:

  • Occupation
  • Points score
  • Age
  • English
  • Health
  • Character
  • Debts (if you have any unpaid debts that is to paid first and when you have good credits then only you will be allowed to apply for visa under this scheme.
  • Cancelled visa

Elucidation of eligibility criteria

There is an eligibility criterion for its application which is explained below:

  • One should have appropriate and relevant occupation
  • One should know certain skills which are required for the occupation he is working in.
  • There is points assigning test under which points are assigned to the applicants on the basis of his documents and ability if he or she scores more than 60 in that he is passed rest cannot apply.
  • One needs to be nominated by the government of certain territory or state where he will live and work.
  • At the time of invitation it is necessary that the age of the applicant must be lesser than 45.
  • Should be well versed with competent English language.

What is the length of stay if you applied using this visa?

The best part of Australian visa subclass 190 is that it allows you permanent stay in Australia.

Benefits one gets when he or she has this visa

If you get190 state visa Australia you are allowed to do all the following things:

  • You get the permission to live in Australia for indefinite period of time.
  • You are permitted to study and work as well in Australia
  • You can get yourself enrolled in any kind of Medicare that is you can access any Australian scheme which is made for health related facilities.
  • You are now eligible to nominate your any friends relative or family member who is applying for visa.
  • You have liberty to travel from and to Australia for a span of five years.
  • You can also apply for getting Australian citizenship. But few more eligibility requirements are to be fulfilled for that.


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