Top 5 Popular Silver Ring Designs for Female


Are you perplexed as to what design you should choose for your silver ring? Here is a list of the top 5 trending silver rings that you can buy.

Buying a silver ring can be quite daunting with all the different type of designs available. Whether it is a promise ring, an engagement ring or a gift for you, silver rings are always attractive and gorgeous. It can be quite overwhelming when you have so many beautiful styles and settings to choose from. Here are the five hottest designs that you can buy in silver rings.

Cocktail Designs: Cocktail rings are usually larger in size than the regular silver rings. These rings have a lot of small stones in their setting or have an oversized centre. These rings are making their comeback and have been spotted on celebrities. They can be worn on cocktail parties, which is also where it got the name.

Oval Rings: Oval rings are best suited for long fingers as they complement them very well. These rings were quite in vogue in the 90s and have recently come back in style. They give a classy look to any silver ring and can be worn at almost all occasions. Due to its design, the ring as a whole appears larger. You can very well wear this on a regular basis, and it is also ideal for casual wear.

Round-Shaped Rings: Round rings have always been a classic choice. It has proportional facets and a subtle look. The design is perfect for an engagement ring or even a general ring. When adorned with your choice of metal, the round ring is sure to give a fantastic appearance. A silver ring with a round design can easily accentuate the look of any outfit that you wear it with.

Heart-Shaped Rings: Heart shaped rings are an epitome of love and romance. They are attractive and very adorable at the same time. The heart design is symbolic of your relationship with your spouse. In the modern age of today, a heart ring also signifies, and you can gift it to yourself with a silver band.

Solitaire Diamond Rings: A solitaire ring is one of the most popular designs these days. This design refers to only one diamond on a silver ring. It indicates the prominence of one gemstone in any ring. The one diamond rings are usually used for proposal and have a distinctive charm of its own. It is one of the trendiest silver ring designs for female.

Thus, picking the right design for your silver ring decides how it looks when you wear it. With these classic designs being back in style, you can certainly invest in one and flaunt the beautiful ring. The design you opt for also depends on your lifestyle and your personality. Moreover, irrespective of the design you choose, you should clean the ring regularly to maintain its lustre and look. Considering the ring size guide is also equally important.


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