The first things that grows again


After the Mud of the Somme and Flanders and the trenches of the First world war in Europe it was believed that nothing would ever grow again. The most destructive war in the history of human kind had left the planet with scares that it was thought could never be healed. Like the people who had served and their families who took them back would the they ever be the same again and how could they?

Whilst we can truly know what it was like to be in active service of the front line line world war one we can get an idea what it was like to drive a tank on Tank Driving Days at . The World was indeed scared the Artillery shells and smashed huge holes in the ground, the rolling of the tanks had cut into the earth to pieces, the marched and tread of the feet of the combatants had eradicated all signs of life. The land was so polluted with the dead and cordite plus the remnants of Gas attacks that there seemed to be no chance of redeveloping the land back to its former glory. Farmers returning to their lands, many having served themselves, looked on in despair as they tried to make sense of what they saw and faced. From the North Sea to the Mediterranean a long line of destruction spelt an uncertain future and the people return to their homes saw that for them the war was unlikely to be ever over.

But as ever hope springs up in the most unlikely of places. Deep with the earth there was a seed. It had not died, and it was about to return. To the amazement of the people of France and the world up grew a small yet beautiful little flower called the Poppy. It was a stunning red like a symbol of those that had shed there’s. It was as if this little plant was coming up as an act of defiance, that the world could be healed and carry on. Each Poppy seemed to represent a life lost almost as if the fallen soldiers had willed it. It meant that that the land seemed to say, “I am here. I am coming back”. It was true in Flanders field and the Somme where the worst fighting had been the Poppies were coming back.

How had this happened? They had never grown before? The answer lay int eh soil., The seeds of the Poppy had laid dormant for years and the explosions and mining and the churning up of the soil had brought them nearer to the surface. The water from rain and the warm son had done the rest. The poppies had done the rest. The British Legion took the poppy as its symbol and we use the flower t o remember our war dead and support our soldiers left behind now.


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