How to make your bedroom decor feel luxurious


If you’re looking to make your bedroom look and feel like a deluxe hotel room, it’s surprisingly easier than you might think. With a few simple but effective tricks, you can transform your room from looking dishevelled to plush.

Change that shade

Updating the lampshades in your room not only has an effect on the decor but can change the entire look. The colours and shapes of your lampshades can alter the way light is filtered and distributed around the room, affecting its perceived size and enhancing or muting certain colours. Much has been said in recent years about how short wavelength light emitted by electronic screens such as laptops and mobile phones can disrupt sleep, as reported in this  NHS article. A shade that alters the tones in your bedroom to bring out warm colours can make it easier to sleep in, as well as enhancing its style.

Refresh the soft furnishings and style your clutter

Look at any luxurious hotel room and you’ll likely see throws, scatter cushions and counterpanes in matching colours and contrasting textures. Adding a chair to the ensemble not only enhances the look of your room but is multifunctional, such as somewhere to sit and read.

Sometimes it is impossible to achieve that pristine look that you see in brochures and online magazines. But there is such a thing as ‘good clutter’ – experiment with arranging your books, CDs and other items in a way that will enhance the look of your bedroom.

Change the windows

A more expensive, but effective option is to consider the type of window in your room. Are you looking for an ultra-modern style, or does a more traditional sash window suit the room better? This may be dictated by the style of building, but it’s worth getting a consultation from a professional from providers such as Evesham double glazed window company

If changing the windows isn’t an option, renewing curtains and window furniture can still have a big impact. Avoiding adjustable curtain rods and standard size curtains, and opting for fitted ones gives you more scope for styling your windows just how you want them. Adding a roller blind to block out the light when you need to, means that your curtains can be used purely for decorative effect.


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