How Sterling Silver Jewellery Has Overshadowed Gold & Diamond Charm


If I go in talking about the love and bond between jewellery and women, it would be difficult to come to an end. But one thing which has emerged out in recent while that sterling silver is taking over the world with its incredible shine and fascinating appeal. Sterling silver is basically the purest form of silver having a composition of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals. The spark and ethnicity of this form of silver is simply matchless and forever unbeatable. There are lot of reasons behind the mighty popularity of sterling silver jewellery and how it has surpassed the glam of gold and diamond. Let’s find out some of them and keep these things in mind while going for jewellery shopping.

Highly inexpensive as compared to other precious metals! Yes, this is one of the major reasons in bringing this material into the spotlight and making it the most loved choice of every generation woman. Sterling silver might be the costliest among the family of silver buy in comparison with metals like gold, diamond and platinum, it’s quite pocket-friendly and under the budget of a middle class woman.

After all, who would like to spend plenty of money on single jewellery piece unless you are a well acclaimed celebrity?!

The second thing which proves to be a turning stone in the ever-increasing growth of antique jewellery in silver metal is its exceptional raw and rustic appeal. The enthralling capacity and ethnicity of these glistening women essentials is unparalleled. In comparison to gold, silver is more elegant, graceful and sophisticated. Plus, sterling silver has the unique feature to blend with any kind of attire, be it ethnic or indo western. It’s very common nowadays to see women dressed in bold western attire along with classic antique jewels. This incredible combination of two different worlds can do wonders to any woman’s personality and bring her into the limelight of the occasion. So, it’s time to put your gold jewellery sets back in boxes and shake hands with stunning silver studded ornaments to make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Are you ready to do that???

Last but not the least, silver jewellery is light in weight and easy to carry at any point of time. These accessories require less maintenance and care which makes them very friendly. Because they are low in cost and are not the reason behind the hole in your pocket, you don’t have to pay lot of attention and eye while going anywhere. That’s not the case with gold jewellery sets as they are highly expensive and treasured. To wear silver jewellery, you don’t have to wait for a specific occasion or event. Be it casual day, formal event or a house part, deck up with glistening silver pearls and make heads turn around.

Now, you have ample of valid reasons to give up on forever gold and high-priced diamond and make peace with pocket-friendly silver. So, what are you still waiting for??? 

Manisha Dubey


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