Horse Racing Like a Pro — Jumping Techniques That Will Keep Your Horse from Getting Injured!


When it comes to racing horses, you will often find that horses accidentally injure themselves when jumping at racing events and competitions. There has been a lot of research conducted, and it has been found that most of these falls take place under specific conditions that can be avoided with certain changes.

When it came to the changes in design, it was observed that out of the 173 accident cases that were examined studies revealed that these falls mainly took place around certain types of jumps. They were very hazardous. Most of them took place when the horses were racing through the water while taking off or during landing. Most of the chief causes of horses suffering from accidents involved fences that has drop landing that spread over 2 meters or 6.5 feet and all angled fences that were elevated when it came to the chance of a horse falling. These jumps also became very dangerous when the grounds that were used for taking- off was too heavy or soft

Preventing accidental falls for horses

There was an investigation into these horse falls that took place during jumps at British horse racing competitions. In fact, the occurrence of these falls was so frequent that it became urgent for experts to create safe changes in the design of jumping so that the horses do not suffer from injuries when they jump. It was estimated that one-third of these racing horses were severely injured when they attempted to jump at major popular competitions. Some of their injuries were so severe that they were fatal.

Design changes to protect horses

So, horse racing experts decided to work on design changes so that horses who participated in major racing events like The Breeders Cup Classic 2017 and the like. You will often find that the horse and the rider partnership often increase the risk of facing accidents. Often it has been found that falls among riders who are aware of the fact that they are in the lead at horse racing competitions. Often it has been found that when approaching a jump too slow or fast at high speed often gave the horse and the rider higher chances of falling. The authors of this study have recommended a few modifications to protect horses and reduce the chances of severe injuries during events and competitions.

Lesser fences to prevent falls

They have stated that it is prudent to have lesser fences that require racing horses to jump in and out of the water. The base spread of these fences should be set at less than 2 meters, and they finally recommend that the takeoff surfaces that the horses use should be made firm so that they do not fall and injure themselves. The above is some of the key recommendations that the experts have laid down. This means they are fewer accidents and happier horses when it comes to racing events, tournaments, and competitions not only in the nation but across the world as well!

Author Bio: Sharon Grace is a horse racing enthusiast and professional blogger who regularly visits. The Breeders Cup Classic 2017 and other major tournaments for enjoying and sharing the excitement of horse races.


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