Get to Know About 10 Best Sega Dreamcast Emulators 2017


Console gaming is an important part of the life of the kids born in the 90’s. At that time, computers were not a big thing, smartphones never existed, and the gaming consoles were not very affordable or friendly. Consoles based on television like Sega Dreamcast became very popular and left a lot of impact on 90’s kids’ minds. Many of you have played a lot of games on the Dreamcast, and your vibe has brought you here.

As now the gaming consoles no longer exist, there are still many ways from which you can play Sega Dreamcast games on the computer using the emulators. Here’s a list of top Sega emulators that you can use to play your game.

1-Sega Genesis Emulator

This is among the popular emulators and comes with many different features despite being of the beta phase. Any user can save the game to VMU, apply the cheating codes and can get the output of VGA in the games. You can download it from Google.

2-DreamSpec Emulator

The emulator comes with the prepared CDI image, and you can use more than 200 games on this platform. For the best Sega experience, it is suggested to go for DreamSpec Emulator.

3-DreamEMU Emulator

It is not a full pledged emulator, but the demos of CPU and home games can be easily played on the DreamEMU Sega Emulator. This platform works well only in Windows OS. You can download it from Google.

4-Chankast Emulator

This is the first Sega Emulator that appeared in the commercial market. It was designed for the use of Windows 2k platform, and this means Windows 9x can’t run this emulator. The emulator is best suited with Pentium 4 PCs with Windows XP and 2003. You can download the link from Google.

5-NesterDC Emulator

This emulator has a fast, compatible structure. You can save uptoten states. Even though it is a Sega Emulator, some box art can be placed in the background, and some music can be heard only on the Sega game machine. Talking about the Sega Dreamcast Emulators, NesterDC will always remain on top. You can get it anytime you like.

6-NullDC Emulator

Its positions are found onGitHub if you want to work on it as a developer. This platform was built for 32 bit Windows OS, and now much more growth is taking place in which you can also take part. You can download NullDC Emulator from anywhere.

7-DEmul Emulator

If you like to play the Dreamcast games in the natural pace, Emulator is the one you can get.It was developed by the Russian company for Windows OS Platform.This can be easily downloaded from Google.

8-Icarus Emulator

The developers of this Emulator are developing this again, but its older version is still available to download. The commercial games run smoothly on Icarus without facing any problem, and it is expected that after the improvement, it will run correctly.

9-Dreamer Emulator

Elsemi is the one who developed Dreamer Emulator for the consoles of Sega Dreamcast. He was under development from the year 2000-2001 and still not fully covered, but some of its demos are fully supported. You can download from anywhere.

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10-Makaron Emulator

This is one of the latest Emulator that got released in the year 2010 on 19th August. Macron only works on Windows OS, but it also supports a lot of games. Download it today to get the better experience.

So, these were the top 10 Sega Dreamcast Emulators that you can enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Download it now.


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