Get pampered and polished from head to toe with UrbanClap’s salon at home!


Being a woman means handling a lot of tasks and juggling with a pyramid of responsibilities. A woman would not find time for herself. Thus one would not carve time to pamper herself, to go to a salon and relax. That is why UrbanClap tries to make it easier for a woman to have time for herself so that she can feel pampered and relaxed. This has been done by taking the salon at home. With this innovation idea, UrbanClap is gaining a buzz in the market.

You will get almost all salon services at your home in Gurgaon at Jaw-dropping price which you would not even believe.

Personal Stylist! Delivered at your doorstep

It is time to replace visiting of the salon to take salon at your home to have luxurious home pampering session to have ultimate relaxation. Salon at home in Gurgaon is the most convenient and the smartest way to get a fabulous salon experience in Gurgaon at your own home. UrbanClap allows you to choose from a wide range of salon services delivered to your home with unmatched professionalism to have a wonderful salon experience which you have not had before.

After choosing services for yourself, experts will reach to your doorstep at your convenient time, saving your time and efforts.

It is time to book online rather searching nearby salons in Gurgaon

Have you ever want to have wax but don’t want to go out from home because of pollution or less time. Save your expensive, valuable time and travelling effort by booking online. Now a salon is just a few clicks away from you. Courteous, trained and certified professional at UrbanClap will reach to your doorstep to make you feel pampered.

What is the need for the salon at home in Gurgaon?

  1. Save your valuable time

If you are tight in time and can’t crave spare time to visit a salon then don’t worry because salon will come to you at your home.  It will save your valuable time as well as travelling efforts. It is just super convenient especially when you are tired after a hectic schedule and would not have time to find the best salon in Gurgaon and of course in the festive season. You can have a complete makeover in no time and without stuck in traffic in Delhi.

  1. Post Treatment

There are lots of skin treatment which left you sticky after having beauty treatment such as waxing, oil massages, oil scrubs and more. so you can have a shower instantly without trudge in the way from salon to your home. This also makes you avoid dirt particles sticks on your skin after skin treatment.

  1. More Relaxed services

Having a salon at home makes you having more relaxed services with a comfort at home. In addition to this, the expert or the therapist is not in rush to finish the treatment such that one can attend another client.  Because if you visit salon then they have 10 more appointments which they need to take care after you thus they would work in the rush while at home professionals will work better offering you ultimate relaxation.

  1. Have pampering treatments with your friend

Salon time is the most memorable time for a girl and the gossiping during skin care treatment is really loveable and there is nothing wrong with it. But at the salon, you might not feel as comfortable as you will feel at your home.

Other than these, because of a pyramid of the responsibilities, it becomes difficult to carve time for oneself. UrbanClap comes up with the solution of having the salon at home saving your travelling time. So, book an appointment and avail salon at your home.


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