Fitness market in China is increasing fast 


For the new Chinese middle class, is trying to sport or is now a healthy healthy and wishful lifestyle. Actually, it does not matter that it is 2 km jig for morning exercise, is running a 5-kilometer color run, with which the community running or marathon is trained to run, walks in China Is. Young sugar wants to be healthy with high disposable income, and it is developing the development of sports and health sports. According to the 2016-2017 China Fitness Industry White Paper and China Athletic Association (CAA), 37,000 fitness clubs have been set up in China. In addition, in 2016, about 3 million people will participate in 328 marathon in China, this number has been done 14 times of 5 years ago.

For this young generation, another motivation to work is a kind of fashion and beauty in their lives. Sports brands are taking advantage of this trend. Of course, they are adopting their products according to Chinese fashion flavor. In fact, they are not just sports brands, they are fashionable brands. For example, in 2016, Adidas sales in China increased by 28% and Nike has 22.1% market share.

Basketball star Steve Craig is another successful example of training in China and promoting basketball gear through a brand candidate. The company has positioned itself as an upper and full sporting brand, and although the brand has not taken a big part on the sports market, it is still the first choice of many sports professionals and personal trainers. .

According to the Australian Research Company IBS Wide, the rate of health and gym industry was 12% from 2012 to 2017, and the industry increased by $ 6.31 billion last year. In China you can find a variety of fitness clubs. First of all, the annual membership range with high-end luxury clubs, such as cable welfare and wide-to-sell, is between 6000 and 10,000. After that, Republican Hosa Fitness and Anytime Fitness in the past-level series that cost RMB over 2000 and above. Lastly, Online Offline Online Companies offer monthly subscribers in RMB 99 such as LEOAO and SunPig.

In 2017, Wen Wang, founder of Wil’s fitness clubs in Chinese sports industry, Carnival, said: “It is very difficult to make money from the poor, you will have to target the rich. In the future, more than 80% of the market collapses in the overthrow Actually, target of these fitness clubs is “gold collar” worker limited and needs its performance and convenience. The place for gym clubs is very important. If the club is very close to home or is very close to working then it’s easier, but if the club is too far, customers do not have to use it.

Platforms, as soon as the O2O gym, are designed to connect customers to local Jams via mobile apps, which can be used to check courses, reserve personal trainers, and their monthly subscriptions. Another trend in China is fitness apps and it has a lot of user base than physical Jammu clubs, which allows young students to reach older people. The top fitness app in the country has collected 100 million users last year. In addition, the app has already added eCommerce function to sell game gear. These fitness apps are a good supplement for physical jammu and those who do not go to physical jammu regularly and do not have much time to practice a game.

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A Chinese website

A website in Chinese is essential for entering a market and feeling branding. This is an effective solution to enhance the popularity of your product, to influence users with content and design and develop their company’s image in the country. In addition, the website written in the Maintenance is required. Chinese consumers spend over 40% of their daily lives on the internet and their internet users trust more Chinese websites than English websites.

China is the world’s largest connected country: more than 90% Chinese accounts on at least one Chinese social network.


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