5 Types of Bridal Jewellery from Bengal You Haven’t Heard of


When it comes to cultural fashion, Bengal is no behind to set a benchmark for other parts of the country. Well, the traditional values and heritage fashion in this part of the country is totally unique and captivating. Especially when it comes to wedding season or festive occasions, Bengali people never fails to impress the world with their incredible dressing and fashion statement. Catch with the five most precious and quintessential types of bridal jewellery worn by Bengali women and take fashion notes for your big day. I am sure non-Bengali would not have heard of the names and would be surprised to see their sheer elegance and graceful appeal. Not only their names are different but the crafting techniques and grandeur of these traditional Bengali ornaments are class apart.

If you want to feel the warmth and beauty of Bengali culture on your big day, get ready to adorn these fancies to make your wish come true and hold a gaze at any moment. First, check out these exquisite jewels and their importance in Bengali weddings. Sneak in…

Paati Haar

Paati haar is known to be worn by Bengali women during Durga Puja and wedding celebrations. The necklace is designed with intricate detailing and work which makes it extremely luxurious and striking in appeal. It is broader in structure and easy to wear. The lavish necklace set can do wonders to the personality of any woman and bring her into the spotlight of the occasion.

Indulge into the cultural essence of Bengal and feel the never ending love of this beautiful place.


Jhumkos are basically traditional jhumkis worn in all parts of the country. These are generally curated with exquisite floral patterns and designs to keep the ethnicity and elegance alive. Bengali jhumkis are heavy and gaudy in appearance, making them the best choice for wedding ceremonies and other grand functions. These jewellery accessories can bring anyone close to classic heritage fashion.


Tikli is similar to maang tika which is worn in the centre parting of the bride’s hair. The jewellery is embedded with precious and semi-precious stones, making it incredibly exquisite and beautiful. Such ornaments used for weddings are generally made up of gold and other precious metals. Adorn them on your big day and make heads turn around.


Chik is just like a choker necklace that is closely fitted around the neck and looks extremely stunning when worn with designer garments. These pretty accessories are embedded with precious stones, beads and pearls to get the desired appeal and make them forever endearing.

Chik necklace is not supposed to reach the collar bone and is sometimes studded with precious uncut diamonds and metals to match the fashion needs of individual.

Kaan Baala

Kaan baala are similar to modern day ear cuffs which come in the shape of an ear and look brilliant when worn by any woman. These precious jewels are adorned with wedding dresses to accentuate the overall appeal of the bride and make her look best on her special day.

Manisha Dubey


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