3 Watches That Have an Evergreen Classic Vintage Look


The classical vintage watches are sharing a lot of limelight right now. Many important brands like Fossils, Rolex and Cartier are releasing modern takes on old classics. When you look at the collection of the many popular watch brands you would notice that the collection consists of many classics whose names have been around for years. The popular brands continue to keep the classic vintage look alive by continuously releasing modern versions of the already successful ones. The classic vintage watches are considered the best watches for men. This category of watches is popularly known as living legends. They have a historic root and are still produced today. Here are the three most popular watches which carry an evergreen classic vintage look.

  • Analogue Watch

In the analogue watches, the display has a miniature clock-face with 12 hours. The hours may be marked with traditional numbers or with Roman numerals. Here the time is indicated by the positions of the rotating hand. In most of the watches, the hour-hand and the minute hand is present. In some of the watches, the second hand may also be present. The term analogue strictly refers to the display design. It is regardless of the timekeeping technology that is used in it.

The analogue watches have a beauty of their own. These watches are a personification of good taste and sophistication. Many popular brands like Fossil, Casio, Laurel, Walrus, Q&Q have a huge collection of analogue watches. These watches reflect the iconic architecture of 1950s-60s. The modern-day analogues come with both metal bands as well as leather straps. The case of the watch is highly durable and sturdy. The practical advantage of using an analogue watch is it keeps your brain functioning. In today’s digital world it is better not to surrender to it completely and keep some aspects of our life away from it. To many people, analogue watches are the best watches for men.

  • Field Watch

The field watches are the direct descendant of the WWI “trench watch.” This is a special type of watch which was particularly designed for the military officers who needed to coordinate attacks, tell the time even at night hours or in low-light condition, and sport a wristwatch which could withstand the rigors of battle. They are rugged yet functional and stylish at the same time.

The field watches are small to medium in size so that they do not get into your way in the trenches during the battle. The face of most of the field watch has a white dial with black numerals printed on it. This makes them easy to read even in dim light. The case is mostly made of stainless steel and sometimes titanium to offer a rugged look. The field watches have leather or a canvas band, metal is generally not used as it makes the watch heavy and easily scratchable. The field watches are generally preferred by the versatile men, who can team it up with jeans and t-shirt, or a sports coat and khakis.

  • Dress Watch

The dress watches were introduced in the early 20th century especially for the gentlemen who had a desire to start wearing their watch on their wrist, rather than in their pocket. The dress watch signifies simplicity and sophistication. They are not flashy, but definitely draw attention in the most subtle way.

The dress watches are typically thin with a circular or rectangular case. They are generally made of stainless steel, but the high-end models can be made of gold or silver. The face of the watch is simple with the hours indicated by traditional numbers or Roman numerals. The band is always made of leather to give it a rich look. The dress watch is mostly worn in formal events and goes well with the business suit.

The above are the three types of watches which offer an evergreen classic vintage look. They are an integral part of the vintage collection of gentlemen.


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