10 Beauty tips for oily skin


How irritating can oily skin be during the unbearable heat of the summer sun?, Does your face looks dull in college?  Or how hard it is to manage oily skin while you are going out on a date with that someone special? Does acne makes you feel low sometimes because you don’t feel confident with your face?

Here are some tips to deal with oily skin:

  1. Use a fruit face wash thrice a day instead of a harsh plant extract face wash, this will not make your skin extremely dry but will keep it normal and hydrated throughout the day.
  2. oily skin is the key cause of acne and black heads, you can use a walnut scrub to keep all the pores on your face open( walnut extract does not let dirt particles stick to your skin pores but don’t rub your skin too hard)
  3. girls who tend to apply makeup on a daily basis are advised to remove all the makeup with a milk cleanser before going to bed, as the left over makeup can clog the skin pores and make the skin further more oily.
  4. We tend to eat whatever is available easily when working all day, which brings in junk to our diet that contains a lot of fat and oil which is one of the major reasons for oily skin, therefore avoid eating fatty food and incorporate green vegetables in your diet for a healthy glowing skin.
  5. Apply Alo Vera gel on your skin which will keep your skin hydrated and absorb all the extra oil from it or you can apply lemon and honey mix on your face, lemon absorbs extra oil and honey keeps the glow intact (most of the times we tend to dehydrate our skin to remove extra oil which effects the natural glow to get deteorated therefore as much as we use less of oily products we need to hydrate our skin too.)
  6. when choosing a moisturiser, Choose a light, oil-free, SPF 30+ day cream or sunscreen( avoid using a SPF more than 40 because the oil and chemical content is extremely high in such moisturisers.)
  7. when applying makeup, use a primer as base to avoid oily skin
  8. Exfoliate your skin every 10-15 days with light good quality exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells.(dead skin is also a major cause for extra oil secretion on the skin )
  9. Opt for “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic” products, which are less likely to clog your pores. Go for ayurvedic products which tend to have lesser chemicals and nourish your skin naturally
  10. Go for products with benzoylperoxide, and apply lemon juice mixed with water once a day to get rid of extra oil from your skin.

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